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5 Stars

"The mood is flirty, the dancers are polished, and both men and women wear their best clothes to this salsa and Latin dance club popular with the under-30 set. Set in an enormous basement, the place gets going around 00:00 on Friday and Saturday nights and doesn't slow down until after 04:00

5 Stars

 " So I ve been going for a while. I love it because it is pretty much a speak easy.  It's so close to Farragut North its funny. Now that I. Take the Westside I just walk straight up the street and im there. I still love the food. Try the pizza, hot wings and hamburgers.  Great for my lunch break and the price is great.As I said earlier in the year,  it's a Latin bar and club at nights and on the weekends and if you are into it go! It's great.  Overall I will keep it as my and whoever I take speak easy.  It's very inviting."

5 Stars

" I see this place has mixed reviews, but I suppose it's because of the integration of the nightlife being mixed with the food reviews. I have been to this place numerous times for lunch and I get the crab cake sandwich, and it's the best crab cake sandwich I've ever had. It may be hard to believe being a native MD/DC resident, but its very good. It's worth a try "

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